…MOST PEOPLE WHO KNOW OF TUNGSTEN UNDERSTAND THE element to be: Solid & capable of withstanding elements and conditions beyond the measure of others in its category, although not many when it comes to what it is capable of. 
Tungsten does tend to be obstinate from changing its ordinance. Which in fact makes it harder to destroy because of the density, especially of most of its “competitors”. - solid
 we want a reputation of tungsten ,Despite its rough appearance at times it is a unique element,.” Appealing, but in the company of few.. Very rare, Yet not in view.. XI8 XCII”
As a brand, the Having of integrity in what we provide insures a solid product...  
We want to be tungsten..
Solid... Known of, the real thing humbly not in possession of many..
Our goal is not to appeal to everyone. But those who want quality, consistency and modesty.         

Did you know?: the highest temp reached at the tip of a Concorde jet; isn’t even 5% of the boiling point of tungsten.. 


The matrimony of quality & modesty. 

       …We are TNGSTN.

And like tungsten we’re releasing a solid line of limited seasons and series’ products including: comfortable minimalist CASUAL “EVERY DAY THROW ONS” AND ACTIVE WEAR.
Hoodies, crew necks, Tshirts, heavy shorts,  active shorts, sweatpants and socks.

        COMING SOON!

Castle rock co